Alexis Tracy, D.O.
Board Certified in Physical
Medicine & Rehabilitation

Dr. Tracy attended undergraduate at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and has a BA in literature and a BS in Biology.  She did research in molecular genetics, specifically in RNA, during her undergraduate years.  She attended medical school at WVSOM, where she did an extra year teaching, doing research and in depth study of osteopathic manipulation technique (manual medicine) for pain.  She did her transitional internship through Columbia University, College of physicians and surgeons, and her Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency training at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  She was lucky enough to be involved in research with Dr. Miroslav Backonja, studying techniques to diagnose small fiber neuropathy.

Dr. Tracy started practicing in Lewisburg, WV after residency in 2011 where she and a neurosurgeon collaborated in creating a spine program to serve a large rural area in southeastern WV.  She also taught medical students and residents at WVSOM.  She left this successful practice in order to assist Orthopaedics of Steamboat Springs and Dr. Clint Devin, an internationally renowned spine surgeon, to develop a spine program of excellence here in Steamboat.

Dr. Tracy’s expertise is in the areas of spine imaging interpretation, interventional spine procedures, exercise science, manual medicine (osteopathic manipulation), electrodiagnostics (EMG, nerve conduction studies), and clinical skills.  Her goal is to arrive at the correct diagnosis efficiently and educate patients regarding their diagnostic results, diagnosis and treatment options.  Her role is to provide nonoperative spine care for patients who do not require surgery, and to refer patients for spine surgery when necessary.

Dr. Tracy is originally from Lincoln Nebraska, however her training has taken her many places.  She is married to Merrick Tracy, who teaches school, builds trail and possesses a true entrepreneurial spirit.  They have 3 children who are enrolled at Strawberry Park Elementary and enjoy music, sports, and dance.  She is “learning” to mountain bike from her husband who opened the local bike shop back in Lewisburg, and she plans on learning to ski this winter.  Her aim is to take full advantage of everything Steamboat has to offer and serve the community in any way she can.