Steamboat Orthopaedic and Spine Institute has on-site MRI capabilities. The Optima MR 430 is a compact, powerful, 1.5 Tesla extremity MR scanner that delivers precise images of upper and lower extremities (elbow, wrist, hand, finger/thumb, knee, ankle, foot, toe). This machine is conveniently located in our orthopedic office. The Optima MR 430 is compact and provides affordability to patients. Claustrophobia is not a concern since only the affected anatomy needs to be in the scanner.

There is no special prep for any MRI exam except to hold still for about 35 minutes. There is a MRI safety screening sheet that needs to be filled out for each exam prior to scanning. You may take any pain relief medication prior to MRI to help with pain. You may need to remove certain metal if it is in the scan field and you will have a place to lock up valuables during your exam. We have certified technologists performing your MRI exam and Board Certified American College of Radiology Radiologists interpreting your exam with a specialty in Musculoskeletal Imaging. Your ordering physician will be discussing the results with you.